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Couldn’t be happier?

This was recommended by a friend and I have been using it since I got it. The system is so easy to use that you can easily place and press it at the desired location. I can already see the result. It is rechargeable, so save me to buy batteries, very convenient. The pad sticks very well, it did not fall off when I moved and did my daily work. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

The delivery was fast, the three units work well and are of good quality, both in the arm and in the abdomen.

Wowww this device is really cool. Years ago I saw something like this on tv in a teleshopping show and always thought that this is fake. Now I’ve finally gotten it to convince myself. The product looks very high quality, even the black / orange looks pretty cool. For the price you can try it out. The various attachments hold very well on the body parts, but you have to put them very well and clean the covered areas before body well and best not to apply to oily skin. Then you can also walk through the apartment during the function.

It is a nice device, which is easy to use. It keeps very well on the body, but pulls out no hair with. The various modes are useful and the electric shocks are very precise. All in all a good and useful device.

I bought it in addition to the training and am amazed at the additional benefits. The pads adapt well to the places where you use it. I used it first on poor and belly. The setting of the device is simple and easy to understand. The intensity levels are well-matched and there is something for every requirement. Even I use it in the weaker area but longer. The charging process and the service life are very balanced. The bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is right in any case and is ideally suited as an addition to the training.

I like this abs trainer because of its low frequency design as expected. It is stuck on the abs with very well. After periods of 15 mins, it turns off automatically in case of forgetting, which is not recommended to be used for more than that time due to electrostatic charges. So, comparing the price is better.

Key Specifications for ASSIA EMS Abdominal Trainer Exerciser Muscle Stimulation USB Rechargeable With 6 Modes 9 Levels Tummy Tuck Abdominal Muscle Fit Weight Muscle Toner For Home Workout Fitness Men & Women:

  • 【EMS TECHNOLOGY】: The Ems Muscle Stimulator sends a signal directly to the muscles by applying low frequency frequency directly to the muscle cells or obesity cells exposed to overeating, and swings them for higher activity.
  • 【6 MODES & 9 STAGES】: 6 modes (shoulder mode, forearm mode, upper arm mode, back mode, chest mode) speed up fat burning and promote metabolism. 9 levels of intensity from warm-up to intense exercise. Each EMS machine can be set individually.
  • 【EASY TO USE】: It’s extremely light, ultra-thin, PORTABLE and comfortable to wear. Ergonomics for abdominal muscle training, one-button start, fully functional. Fitness everywhere and whenever you want.
  • 【ABS TRAINING EFFECTS】: abdominal, arm, leg body part training or massage.20 minutes per day !!! It equals 2000M running, 60 minutes sit-ups and crunches, 30 minutes swimming.
  • 【USB CHARGING】: The fitness device uses USB charging, which is more convenient and saves time. The machine has a very strong battery life. It can be used for continuous physical exercise for several times and can be used continuously. Can be used for home, office, outdoor, etc. and unisex.

What Real Customers Are Saying…

Absolutely beautiful experience the thing makes the job. Very easy to attach pads to the body, pads adhere very well and last long without any problems. It was so relaxing and after 10 minutes I was in deep sleep. Lolder battery lasts long enough, 6 sessions per charge, each session 20 minutes. There are 6 different modes in which you can sit back and play with your muscles :)) in any case recommended.

After receiving the product today, my curiosity was very big and I had to test it immediately. The bmt works why always only on the left side and the pads of the arm cuffs go through the resulting motion already after 10 sec. But even though I did not have too big expectations, that is very disturbing.

Put it on immediately after receipt. Feel how my muscles are stretching. It had for a few minutes and was already sweating on my stomach. Cheap kits for me who do not like to go to the gym: p.

I also do a lot of strength training and wanted to have something that boosts the regeneration and I have to say it takes a lot of tension out of the muscles. Operation is really easy after the instructions.

I ordered this product for my cardiotraining to make the muscles more intensive. The charging cable consists of 3 in 1 so that all 3 devices can be charged together. It consists of a belly part and two arm parts. These give off strong noticeable vibrations. The operation is simple and there are three light colors to choose from. All in one it is an optimal device.

Easy to use, no batteries needed. 9 different levels are available. Also, I can control it as strong or weak as you like. I like to use it every day.

The application is super easy and self-explanatory. You can feel something after the first application. I can only recommend it.

Everyone always tells the novelty: electronic muscle stimulator. Now I wanted to give it a try and see if it brings anything, because the sweets in the evening but at some point. You do not get trained that fast again. Handling is super light and uncomplicated. Just click and select program. However, getting used to at the beginning. Afterwards one got used to it quickly.

Feels like a proper abs workout after using for 10-15 minutes.

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Does It Really Work?

Our only official complaint is that we didn’t get this sooner!

“This product did exactly what I needed It to do”
– Thomas J.

“I’ve told 5 people so far about this product and they have all come back to thank me!”
– Beth C.